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AI4RES was founded in 2017. We are a Research and Development firm specialised in applying AI technology to business, from data analysis to process automation. Our in-house skillset and experience, our collaboration with affirmed ICT firms and Universities give us the edge to manage the most challenging projects with a clear focus on the business of our Customers.

How we work

One Customer One Team, dedicated choice. For each Customer, for each project, we choose a small team focused on functional and technical topics. The architectural choice, the soundest technology, are choosen in collaboration with the AI board who overseas all the main phases of all the projects.

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AI is now, it's the third industrial revolution! Ride the future now.

Research & Development

R&D is our core business, all we can do is on the edge of technology and beyond. We analyze, design and build sounding solutions for our customers in the vast world of Artificial Intelligence: from real-time image recognition, to perceptual analysis, from decision support system to big data/social processing and inference.

Case Studies

Renobo 4Track


Into the real world the ability of counting, tracking and analyze the behaviour of people is a challenging project. We have achived outstanding result with RENOBO 4TTRACK an integrated system based on neural nets, big data analysis and dedicated sensors developed for RENOBO.

Real Paint Mixing Tools

Real Paint MT

Colors mixing is a difficult job. Whit this app painters can select image colors and have the corresponding paint mixing recipe computed immediately. Based on KB analysis and a lot of ground work...



Our internal developed Real Time Image Processing Algorithm (ReTIPA) is the core technology on wich we develope the KRYAX MeLavoro diagnostics tools used everyday on thousands of patients.

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